Stuck in the mud

— 2 minute read

There have been times recently where I've felt very stuck mostly with work.

The biggest thing that has helped me get unstuck is cleaning up my work space, and getting the house picked up. Cleaning up the house with kids is never easy and constantly on the back of my mind. But bringing that to the forefront, I can let the work task simmer.

When I come back to the work task I have a clearer start and tend to finish the task quicker than just trying to push through. Asking others for help after trying all the above things is the next step. And as always, writing out steps to complete the task in a notebook. Even something as writing out the problem I’m having to a coworker or partner and hitting send, will unblock me before I even get a response back!

Another thing I’ve found during times of feeling stuck, is nice background noise to bring back the focus state. Hope that helps Chase.