#CoderDads: The Community for Dads that Code

— 2 minute read

This year has been a rollercoaster, I am thankful that back in 2019 I helped start a community of Dads. Now that everybody is staying home and not going out, I know a lot of Dads and parents are struggling with everything. Working at home while raising kids, to not seeing friends and family, the list goes on.

This is why I am thankful for #CoderDads, these are a group of guys that I feel like I could call in a heartbeat if I had a problem or issue, and the conversations sound like we are having a game night or sitting down at the bar.

Starting to see some big wins for members of the community too. One of the Co-Creators landed a job as a Community Manager and now sending out emails for the company. I’ve seen people get apprenticeships, other members completing Boot Camps and shipping apps and showcasing them within the community.

If Covid has shown me anything, its this group of dads are Strong, and supportive. Trying to create a better life for their family through Tech.  This is a place to share wins and struggles. I can’t wait to see more wins from this group of dads.

The amount of support in this group is great. Seen things from people jumping in to fix errors/bugs. The more Senior Coders have been giving solid career advice that many newer dads that are job hunting don’t know about. Hiring in Tech is Broken, so if you get a check list and game plan of how hiring is a major leg up.

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