daily routine and getting into web dev

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Finding time to code can be difficult. There are many stories of people learning to code in three months full time. However, I do not have the luxury of taking three months off of working full time to do that. My average day: 7am: wake up (give or take 15minutes). 7:30: bring wife to work for 8am 8:15: Come home, let dogs out, make breakfast for me and my son. Let dogs in. 8:30–9am: pick up house, and other random chores. 9am–1pm: chase toddler around the house. 1pm: make lunch get ready to pick wife from work at 1:30. 2pm: get home, get ready for work. 2:30pm: leave for work. 3–11:30pm: work 11:45: get home, let dogs out final time. Put dogs to bed. 12:30am: bed It’s been about a year since I started to learn to code. But a big motivator is listening to podcasts while at work. I know I’ll get web developer job at some point in the future! I just have to be patient and work hard when I get a moment or two of free time.