Daily Note: 12/19/22

— 1 minute read

Feeling pretty beaten up after this year. Laid off twice at jobs I absolutely loved with all my heart. Knowing I have to find a way to bring in money to provide for my family is added stress. Every morning I wake up to more news of layoffs from big companies. The companies I worked at have very low name recognition.

If working in an ER during the pandemic has taught me anything. Life happens fast, and being able to deal with change is a skill that needs to stay sharp.

Feeling like I have failed during the holiday season isn't very joyous. Applying to countless jobs (around 40+ interviews) in 2 months. Only to have roles frozen, or they weren't hiring right now and had to stop the interview process.

The next move will hopefully provide some calm to my family, and rewarding work. My personal mission statement is "Want to help people build the life they dreamed about"