Why Blog?!

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How This was Built!

So this site was built using Eleventy and Netlify CMS. I found out about this configuration from Chris Enns.

I identify with the DIY mindset, of building and things yourself.

Why Blogging? permalink

I wanted to be able to create an online journal for my journey through life, and learning. I get that there are otehr options for creating a blog, or writing online. My biggest concern is that those platforms may not be around forever. My blog will hopefully be around for the future.

Anil Dash (CEO of Glitch) has been blogging consitantly for twenty years! Which I hope to maintain that type of online pressence and no better way to do that than starting my online blog!

This Blog is mine, there are many like it. permalink

My posts will always be my own thoughts on either what I am working on, or reflecting on a lesson I have learned in the last couple weeks.