Future of What?

— 3 minute read

Being left to my own devices on a 6 hour flight, and having downloaded a couple podcast episodes to listen to on the flight, as well as carrying my copy of "The Multiplayer Brand" by the wonderful people over at Future Commerce, got me thinking.

Everything magical about great pieces of art work (Digital and photographs) have the frames of your phone or your Apple vision pro. Those experiences are framed in the rose color frames of your device.

There are two wolves in the future experiences for customers in Commerce. One where you are able to bring a digital experience and get it deeply connected into your home with devices. The other being the experiences just open up a safari window for you to check out and order the dang thing like you would like a "Normie"

That experience is personal permalink

If you ask anybody where they were when they first heard their favorite band. Same band, 1000s different stories.

Example, I remember being in middle school and a friend put on "The Ramones". As a classically trained cellist who also listened to ton of old Irish folk music. I was HOOKED! My experiences discovering bands and sharing them with friends through CDs and Tapes. Searching through the $1 bins to check out some band I never heard of. But those experiences shaped me.

The same thing has been happening with brands in commerce.

I could buy from a brand and the experience is wonderful. And my neighbor or internet friend could have a miserable experience. It all depends on the consumer.

The feeling of wanting something to be a truly personal experience is important.

There is a strong point to say the future of personalization needs to be handled with soft hands in order to not kill the small dove that is the customer.

I want the experience of buying to feel like its me in that basement back in middle school. That brand could change your life. And sadly I've had a lot of Meh experiences. Nothing that I can really say, "Hey remember that time in so-and-so's basement. When you showed me those bands? That was magical."

The idea of being able to have a customized experience especially in the spacial sounds wonderful. I could see my space transform before making a BIG purchase to repaint cabinets or what flooring would look like in side my house. I want that. That space can be designed in the digital world, and with this vision map and some elbow grease on the weekend can be made into a real in person thing. I love that. I want more of that. Give me the digital tools to become the world builder of my own physical space.