Home is where my laptop is

— 2 minute read

I am forever the green dot (online). As somebody who is in small city USA, finding places where people had similar interests has been a struggle. Which help push me to start #CoderDads (community for Dads that Code). Much of the advice I received was to attend events, or go to conferences, I was making less than $40k/year as the sole provider plus time off was a PAIN to deal with, needing at least 4-6 months of advanced notice. #CoderDads

I tend to be responsive even if its "before/after" hours of work. Sure that can be a sign of toxic hustle culture, I genuinely enjoy what I do for work. I also view work as being able to free up time for others on the team so they can shine at what they do best.

Probably a 95% chance I have a laptop screen open within arms reach of me most days. This is because most of my interactions are online, or coding something up for fun.

This brings up the death of the 3rd space. Home, Work, and your 3rd space (coffee shop, bar, record shop, RIP the mall).

As a parent of young children where there isn't a lot for us to do in the winter. I wonder how fair is it to leave to go to that 3rd space when your 1st space (HOME) is getting destroyed every time you leave one of the rooms. Sure, breaks are important but making sure the house isn't a diaster feels like the right move. It does bum me out that places outside of the home seem unwelcoming to being a 3rd space for people. But everything right now feels like you need to spend money to have an experience.

This is where being on the internet more and more, has paid off for me. Met incredible people that I know consider friends. I have landed loads of opportunities from being online a lot.

If you are feeling like you don't have a 3rd space, my website, and socials are available to come hang out on.