How to Land the Space Shuttle

— 2 minute read

In Startup Land, there is so much talk about joining a rocketship. "We are going to the moon!" hype about a company.

Which is fun and a futurist view of growth and its exciting. Who doesn't want to join something that can take them to incredible places in life?

Let's say all things at launch and the first couple of years go incredibly well. Now, you are blasting through the sky, headed into space. There are few outcomes, continue to blast towards the moon with thrusters on full and hope there is fuel to get there and land. Explode into a billion pieces and shower down space junk.

Or a third option. Land the space shuttle back down safely.

However, landing the space shuttle is an option not talked about on socials because it's not as cool. So many founders would rather explode into a billion pieces trying to get somewhere.

Landing the space shuttle means the mission is complete, a job well done. A much more challenging part having a big enough runway to do so.

Lots of companies burn up or out while attempting to land their space shuttle. But the ones that safely land bringing the team and craft home are the ones I want to learn from.

Fun Fact! The old Air Force Base runway in Plattsburgh, NY was an alternative landing spot for the Space Shuttle.