I started a Newsletter! Call me an influencer

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#CoderDads has started a newsletter!

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It's been a great fun way to showcases Dads in the group. There are some top secret projects in the works. That I can not wait to share! Newsletter drops Monday Mornings Weekly.

This brings up an interesting point. Ever since I was 14 years old, I have been planning and booking shows for bands. Playing in bands, booking tours, and booking events is community building. You have to find the space, find the bands, find somebody to work the door to collect money (Often an volunteer/friend), find the sound system. Sometimes deal with the police because of a neighbor complained about the volume of my friends band being too dang loud.

This would put me at about 15 years of experience of a Community builder. I miss live events, I think we all do with the affects of the pandemic.

Ever since having kids though the booking of shows stopped, and needed to find that same kind of community. And I found that with building #CoderDads. I am excited to share my journey more, and showcase some of the coolest dads out there.