Just Pivot.

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So 2021 was supposed to be my year. permalink

I had my third kid, had paternity leave to try and get that full-time developer role that I've been working towards. Its been frustrating, and there is plenty of people who have started after me, and landed their jobs with their dream company.

A lot of this comes down to me having a full-time job in an Emergency Room, and having been there throughout the pandemic. Which has given me countless experiences of dealing with caring for patients and their needs.

But part of me feels like "Damn, this is the 4th year that I'm not in tech yet. What the hell is wrong me?" (5 Years in March 2022 of learning and building for the web).

However, this won't stop me from continuing to show up and make lasting important relationships in the tech community until I am full-time in it.

I have the experience and the drive to be in Tech. I belong there. My 2022 goal is to pivot! (insert Friends joke here)

I am pivoting to "Being in Tech". I am going to use my experience of working in the Emergency Room, to get a customer support or success style role.

Every job I've ever had has been pretty customer-facing. From being an Audio Visual Tech at a Teleconferencing Company in Vermont to being a Line-Coo to working in factories (making sure I make the best product I can for the customer), to being a janitor at my local hospital, and now working in the ER. Its always been about making sure customers were taken care of and they enjoyed their experience.

I want to be a cheerleader for companies and businesses, and make sure their customers are delighted to use their product(s).

Talking with Justin Jackson, he mentioned that is how he got his first shot in tech. I think it is the way to go. I am willing to do whatever it takes and learn along the way. That first "Ya, we will give you a shot". This company will get one of the hardest working and dedicated people on their team.

I am a Team Player. I will make sure customers are delighted, and supported. I can also jump in on developing quick landing pages for events and or other coding issues. I can host and moderate podcasts, events, and be very present when a customer has been struggling with the products.

Have to remind myself that it only takes one yes, and I'll be where I want to be.

Don't count me out, I will keep showing up.