Meeting Levi, in a Starbucks

— 1 minute read

A year ago today, I met Levi Martinez at the local Starbucks to talk about his Startup: Kitkaton permalink

He was in Vermont for the holidays. He drove three and a half hours to meet with me, a developer still trying to wrap up my tech degree program. I was overwhelmed to think this could be the break I needed.

We talked about features and hopes for the project. I have seen what the team is building, and very excited about it. It makes me want to start something so I can use the platform.

Looking back at this meeting, it helped me believe in myself. I thank Levi for this, he saw my drive. Since meeting Levi, I have completed a lot. I have confidence in my developer abilities, and feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Having people be a cheerleader for you is incredible.