Now the hard part.

— 1 minute read

Its been almost 5 years from starting to learn to code to starting a job as a software engineer. Anybody who tells you can go from zero code experience to a job in ~ 6months, either has been out on an island for awhile or is trying take your money.

Sure, if you had unlimited money and time to focus on craft, maybe. But for me, not the case at all.

Being a sole provider for my family I needed to work full time hours (40 plus hours a week, while working every other weekend).

On top of the full time job it was finding time to code , on my lunch break, or when my kids were being calm and relaxed. It seemed like climbing a mountain, but now I'm at the peak!

Landed a job as a software engineer!!!

Now what?

The mountain got bigger. There is no finish line, and thats been very clearer. The next race has started, and I have been training for what seems my whole life.

Just remember, Keep climbing, Ask for help. Keep going.