Reasons to Bet on Me

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Reasons to Bet on Me

Getting a job is hard. Especially when all the experience you currently have is in really null and void during this career change.

I have worked a variety of non-tech jobs until this point. Anything from dishwasher, line-cook, janitor, factory worker, to Working in an ER interacting with patients to make sure all their medical information is update.

Fast paced environments. Critical thinking important in all of them. I have learned from all my jobs and personal experiences, showing up everyday no matter the obstacle or the issues going on at home. Showing up is 90% of the goal.

Another key important skill is communication. I can clearly communicate with coworkers, patients, clients, whoever. If that's Saying "Behind or HOT!" in a kitchen, or clearing explaining to a patient how they can take steps to get insurance coverage.

Its been a journey of self doubt, and small victories, some very early mornings working on a project before my boys woke up.

I am consistent and very driven and I want to build things.