Some of the things I've learned

— 4 minute read

If this year has taught me anything, things move fast. Over the last months, I have had incredible highs, and some pretty deep lows. I often forget to reflect on things I've learned, and the experiences I have had.

But here are some of things I've learned this year. (There is so much more)

  1. Vue
  2. Nuxt
  3. Prisma
  4. Projects
  5. Crawlers
  6. Testing
  7. Local Db
  8. Document
  9. Prototype

1. Vue permalink

First time using Vue, it just makes sense. It feels like I'm playing around in codepen all day.

No jumping around files, or moving to different parts of the file structure to find something that needs to be edited.

  • Template
  • Script
  • Style

All in your stuff one file. I like it.

I think the most useful thing I've used so far is the v-if statements to be able to conditionally render different templates based on need.

2. Nuxt permalink

With build in things like NuxtLink makes it very straight forward to create links.

In Nuxt there are two important methods for fetching data

asyncData for data required to successfully render the page. Render blocking and has

fetch for lazy-loadable data.

We use $axios to fetch everything. We are waiting on Nuxt 3 in favor of useFetch() or $fetch.

3. Prisma permalink

Another tool that I am very excited about. Prisma mad I had to add one line to the Prisma file, and hit the ground running

There is much more to learn here, so far I've learned

  • npx prisma studio (a view of your database)

No complaints about prisma. Very helpful to quickly be able to build stuff. I want to learn more about it, and to be able to be more helpful with backend tasks.

4. Projects permalink

This was the big feature that I helped build out in my first week.

Prisma made it very easy to build this out, just by adding one line of code in the ORM.

5. Page Crawlers permalink

I also learned about page crawlers and how to make adding pages from a crawled website to tdatabase.he

Building out the views and templates for this feature was challenging because of all the moving parts.

Crawl the URL for different pages, return those pages back to the user. Let the user select which pages they want to add.

Take screenshots then display all those pages.

This requires Loading states, and some other fun UI.

Then to make sure it all fit in modals and worked properly. Also on top of all of that was the CSS of Modals. This was a HUGE feature that I'm proud of.

6. Testing permalink

Everybody's favorite thing.

Using Jest, and building out some basic standard tests took a little while for me. But after building multiple components I got the hang of it.

Been able to write tests that test for Images and icons on pages. Testing if the images or icons would render on the wrong route or URL.

7. Local Db permalink

This has made my productivity while working on the page crawler much faster. Being able to just clear the db table that I was working with, to quickly see changes in my code has been super helpful.

Before I was having to spoof/fail api calls.

8. Document permalink

Remembering what you built and what you worked on over a specific time is when the real learning happens.

9. Prototype permalink

Building out small actionable pieces to share for demos, and feedback early on has been a major unlock for me.

This year has been rollercoaster. I have gotten to work with so many wonderful people, and learned from really incredible mentors.