That Thread, should be blog post.

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This post is for all of you just posting your threads on these social media platforms. permalink

Posting online is great, sure it creates opportunities. But what if all this stuff goes away?

Being able to move content around the web without the need for a platform feels like a super power. Especially being in Tech/Ecom space, as much as we love certain platforms of business. There is never 100% certainty that they will last the length of time.

This is why personal sites on the internet are important. This content/site is 100% owned by ME!

I am able to make posts that I can link to and reshare on other platforms but all the mant content lives here.

There maybe a day where your twitter thread that got A LOT OF EYES BALLS to grow your business goes away for one reason or another.

That thread should probably be a blog post, bro.