The Hardest Part

— 2 minute read

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I think about this question a lot. In the last 3.5 years of learning to code, I have been working full time and raising a family. Going from 1 kid to 2 kids. Changing jobs while completing Treehouses Full Stack JavaScript Tech Degree.

Now looking back on everything, it was a lot. I've been asked a lot about how I managed to do all this stuff. You never know how far you've come until you stop and look behind you. The Hardest Part for me was the hustle feeling like I wasn't doing enough. My days when I started would start at 7 am, and end around 12:30 am. This is just how my family's schedule happened to be at the time. I would code on my 30-minute lunch break, and before work (I worked evenings at this time).

Even after completing the Tech Degree and a freelance project, I can't turn off my brain from Hustle Mode. It has affected my children and my wife. I am thankful they are supportive and understand I've been working so hard for them. But I have days where I feel like I am letting them down because I am not where I think I should be career-wise.

Family first always, it is hard. It is not easy, but I won't give up!