Thinking vs Doing (The Mental Load)

— 1 minute read

This time of year always feels like a lot. Changing seasons, winter very quickly on my doorstep. There is a TON of things to do before that happens.

This got me thinking about mental load of having a family and career. There are things that I take full responsibility to not thinking about things that keeps my wife up at night. Its not that I don't care, but I tend to struggle with "out of side out of mind".

Guilty of not taking some of the mental load away, but will totally do the work that needs to happen to complete the task.

Yesterday was clearing out the backyard of all the toys, and trash from the summer and getting it into the garage to get ready for trash day.

This year I will try to do better to keep less mental load on my wife. Its the stuff we don't see that is the heaviest load.

Thinking is often WAY harder than just doing.