Two More Sleeps

— 1 minute read

The adventures of changing careers and finding something I truly enjoy doing took a lot out of me. I let a lot of my health stuff slide. Last year around this time my doctor sent me for some tests.

Strees of working in the ER in the Pandemic, while trying to change careers for my family.

Well, after Dozen of phone calls and a couple tests. Turns out I have a moderate heart condition as well as severe sleep apnea. Both of these issues are related, of course.

But, right now two more sleeps until I get a machine that will give me a restful night of sleep. I will give my wife peace of mind at night. There have been times of me getting shaken awake because I have stopped breathing in my sleep.

Excited to track my results and sleep. There are some open source monitoring programs that I could use to build some models of how I have been sleeping. (PROJECT SLEEP)

This is also a reminder not to skip the basic appointments. This stuff is important.