What my kid wants to get me for my birthday

— 2 minute read

Last night after dinner, my wife texts me from upstairs and says our oldest child told her what he was going to get me for my birthday.

Nearly put me to tears,

He said "I’m going to get him a new job. So he can go to work. He will be so happy."

I never thought the weight of my not having a job right now would weigh on my children. They see that I am stressed and frustrated. They see me trying and continuing to put in the daily work.

Job searching is often harder than the job itself, especially right now.

I had the pleasure of working and building wonderful experiences from Govalo building out redemption flows gift cards. This was all in React/Next.js using the Shopify API

Then working closely with the wonderful team at Luro to build out a page crawler, and helped with a wizard to help users get through selecting the information they cared about. This was done using Vue/Nuxt/Prisma. Very smooth developer experience, with quick and fast ways to make changes to components, and layouts.

The last year has taught me so much, I am a much better engineer and problem solver now than I was before these opportunities.

I know I am a value add to any company I join.