Wouldn't it be COOL TO-DO List

— 2 minute read

These aren't a list of goals, that I'll reflect on in a year.

This is the Wouldn't it be Cool TO-DO List

  1. Be a Speaker at an Event

    • This can be an Ecom/Tech event
    • My Journey should be one of hope and inspiration
    • I bring a unique perspective on life, and work.
  2. Podcast

    • This one has been on the list for years. I never felt like I have a quiet enough space or enough to talk about.
    • Thinking of this being a Captain's Log style podcast. Where I give small updates on my week. Interesting things I've learned from work, "HOT DRAMA", and other discoveries along the way.
    • Looking for Space Themed logo and intro music
  3. Document/Prototype

    • One thing I want to get better at this year is documenting my processes and building sharable prototypes of my ideas.
    • Prototypes are a great way show progress and steps in the process to the final product.
    • In the past, I often struggled with jumping into the deep-end of a project and needing someone to rescue me later when I got in over my head.
  4. Keep up on Maintenance

    • Yard Work. I hate every bit about it, but like to have a decent looking yard and home.
    • Personal health. After last year finding out some not so fun health information. Time to try and be better about taking care of my body.

A list of some of "GOALS" I think would be cool to do this year.